Stockholm becomes the capital of European online gambling

Currently, the capital of Sweden has more online gambling companies than in any other location on the continent.

Stockholm becomes the capital of European online gambling
For several years London was the largest city in the world of online gambling in Europe, but with the recent initial public offering (IPO) in Sweden, Stockholm outstripped the UK capital.

The first day of trading of the first public offer of Better Collective was held on June 8, 2018, in 2017, IPO Aspire Global AB was held, and in 2016 – IPO LeoVegas AB. According to Nasdaq Inc, the number of listed online gambling companies has grown to 19, which is three more than in London.

Adam Costial, representative of Nasdaq, explained that the concentration of entrepreneurs in Sweden, who are adherents of new technologies and innovations, contributed to the development of the online gambling industry. He also predicts that this year there will be even more such companies.

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