Latvians from the lists of self-excluded players are offered a fine

The Latvian Gambling Association proposes to amend the bill on the gambling business that provides fines against Latvian citizens from the list of self-excluded players who violated the ban on visiting gambling halls.

Latvians from the lists of self-excluded players are offered a fine
According to the authors of the idea, people who suffer from gambling and who have made themselves in the black lists of customers of gambling establishments need an additional incentive not to play.

According to the proposed scheme, a person who suffers from gambling must write a statement to include himself in the list of self-excluded players. This list is transferred by the Ministry of Finance to gambling establishments, where it is used at the entrance in the process of checking the identity of the visitor.

In addition, according to the initiators of the amendments to the bill, ludomans must necessarily receive the help of a psychotherapist.

In response to such proposals, experts studying gambling addiction, say: fines will lead to the fact that problem players will increasingly make themselves into self-exclusion lists. According to the Lotteries and Gambling Inspectorate, since the beginning of the year about 100 people have made themselves on such lists.

Let’s remind: in Latvia there will be a check lottery thanks to which the Ministry of Finance will in addition supervise tax streams.