Poker Tournament Strategies: Countering Table Style Poker Strategy in Texas Holdem

Poker Tournament Strategies

After an orbit or two of the dealer button in a tournament, say you’re in the second level or third level, you should have a pretty good sense of what the general attitude or player type of your table is. Now sometimes early in a tournament, unfortunately, you will be moved, but most of the time you will be able to stay at the same table for a few levels. Let’s say here we’re the dealer. And in front of us, we’ve got an early limper. He’s probably is slow playing, in my opinion mistakenly, a big hand. A couple of players after him got someone who raised. And then there is a dealer. He looks down at my hand and he’s got king jack suited. It’s a marginal hand. And as it happens this table has been playing very tightly. So, he doesn’t really care what the two guys after him have, although they may already have him dominated. He’s concerned that at a tight table this person limped early and this person raised. And even though he’s on the button, he’s gonna say, you know what, he’s throwing that away. Let’s take another scenario. Let’s go ahead and take these cards and fold them. Say that they’re in the muck because everyone has folded around to him. A dealer looks down, he sees my king jack suited. He’s on the button. After the flop, he’s gonna be the last to act. And he’s already got the information that all the spots in front of me, two-thirds of the table folded.

So, what is he gonna do? He’s gonna try and take down the blinds and raise it up three times the big blind. And these guys, since it’s a generally tight table unless they have monster hands, they’re gonna look and they’re gonna fold. They’re gonna look and they’re gonna fold. And a dealer is gonna scoop this pot.